Old Fine Funky

by Nubii

Released 2017
Cotton Pickin Music / Spirithouse Records
Released 2017
Cotton Pickin Music / Spirithouse Records
World Soul
• Reviews
• Nubii a vocal musical collective that turns out a soulful music of jazzy textures and African rhythms

• I love the soft heart tone of the songs and the lyrics were easy to understand. Great perfection.

• These songs remind me of when I was a little girl and I use to listen to the blues songs and this song took me back to that time. Great songs I listened twice.

• The vocals are distinctive and stylish. The melodies are catchy and tuneful. The lyrics are inspiring and meaningful. The instrumentals are engaging and rhythmic. And the sound and production quality is clear and crisp.

Old, Fine, Funky is a project of love and friendship. Friends, industry rebels and true Funkateers Gloria Rain Jackson and Tanyah Dadze Cotton (founding members if Nubii), Clarence Pookie Jenkins, Alberto Limonta Perez, and Jeff Covert, got together and recorded some new music. With no expectations the group produced some soulful, funky tracks full of love.