About the Band


Nubii - World Beat Smooth & Sweet

What do Death Row Records, Capital Records and LaFace Records all have in common? Each one offered Nubii founding members Gloria Jackson and Tanyah Cotton deals and we turned them all down!

Musical integrity is rare; Taylor Swift and Cold Play have challenged the industry to pay musicians their fair share. But they made their stand after making millions from the industry. Nubii is one of those groups that said “No” to the industry, sacrificing riches to keep their integrity.

Nubii is a music collective founded by Tanyah Dadze and GloriaRain after doing the “LA” thing. We have perused our musical presence through our non-profit The Foundation For The Healing Arts. Recording and presenting “Positive Music for Positive People.” We played with major artists out of the Caribbean, West Africa and the East Coast. These artists included Patrice Rushen, Babatunde Olatunji, Ras Midas and Gaye Adegbalola, covering Funk, R&B, West African Highlife, Reggae and Blues. No regrets.

When we record or preform we collect international musicians of like mind to join us. For our new release “Old Fine Funky” , we gathered old friends ; bassist Clarence “Pooky” Jenkins, percussionist Alberto Limon Perez and a new friend studio owner Jeff Covert on drums & guitar.

Old, Fine, Funky is a project of love and friendship, industry rebels and true Funkateers.

Wally Cleaver's Special Thanks:

 Jeff Covert,Wally Cleaver's
 Recording Studio